How Much ???

by duncanr

sexted200a 55yr old Swedish man who engaged the ‘services’ of two prostitutes, called the cops afterwards to complain because he thought they had overcharged him

Hhmm, so he thought he paid a lot of money for sex with a prostitute ?

That’s nothing to the drain on a man’s wallet in return for sex with his wife !

4 Comments to “How Much ???”

  1. TWO women ?

    Eyes bigger than his willy, if you ask me. I know it’s a fantasy we have, but the reality is something different.

    Having spent some time in Bangkok, I know what I’m talking about.

    One night at a bar, where I’d got pissed on ‘Mekon’ whiskey; I hired the services of two young nubile ladies and took them back to my hotel.

    To cut a long story short, after I’d shagged the first one, I had fuck all interest in the second. This lead to all kinds of problems with her shrieking at me that I didn’t find her atractive and whatnot.

    I had to pay her a small fortune to quiten her down. Then the one I’d screwed complained that she was getting less than the second girl and, after all, she’d given me a jump, so I had to make a financial arrangement with her, too.

    Fantasies are just that, guys.

    Ermm, by the way, I’ve pinched ratty’s identity to publish this comment. It has nothing to do with me him.


  2. If it lead to all kinds of problems, you should have pewter out the door.

    Consider yourself lucky, anyway – the other one was probably a ‘lady-boy’.

    Or maybe they both were…..?


    • They were fucking not, you cheeky bastard ! Yes, if a man could sink so low as to steal another’s identity, and exhibit such appalling spelling, then one can only guess at his sexual preference. Tssk ! – eh ?


  3. I wonder what they made of the gimp mask…?


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