Lies, Damn Lies, and Photoshop

by duncanr

blair feet on coffinI received an email the other day from an ex-army mate

the email started ‘this is a disgrace’ and was indignant about the lack of respect shown by Tony Blair to UK troops killed in battle

what had sparked this moral outrage was a pic attached to the email showing tony blair sat in a military transport plane with his feet resting on a coffin

just one small problem

the photo is a FAKE

how do I . . .

know the pic is fake?


I recognised the name ‘beaubodor‘ at the bottom right corner of the photo

I know this guy and his work

I mangle pictures with Photoshop and handdraw the odd cartoon he says in the About page of his blog at

The Youtube clip below presents a gallery of some of his work (the photo of blair with his feet on the coffin that has been used in this viral email appears around the 7 minute mark in the vid)

email, twitter, facebook are great tools to disseminate information quickly to a wide audience

they’re also a great way to disseminate misinformation and lies to a wide audience !


5 Comments to “Lies, Damn Lies, and Photoshop”

  1. It may be fake, but it’s still the truth.


  2. Tony Blair….. Pile of excrement and war criminal but…..


  3. If it is indeed fake which I suspect it is why would a biography photographer take this pic ? It would have never seen the light of day ….but that does not excuse his part in the Iraq war may however. Make believers of us who hold him in utter contempt on behalf of all who died by his signature …that such pictures could be true. .. Even as fakes they are what we think of him in our subconscious ..


  4. Other reasons this is a fake… Blair does not have six foot long legs, he is sat in the back of an EH101 Merlin transport helicopter a frontline assault bus, not the aircraft the bodies come home in – that would be C-17s, C-130s etc. If a dead british soldier was in the back he would not be dressed for repatriation in a coffin with a flag – he would be in a body bag or covered with a poncho. I cannot imagine Blair would travel in a helicopter that had just picked up a soldier killed in combat – a tad too close to the action for someone without body armour or helmet. I don’t grant Blair the humility to casually read through papers in a forward combat zone, he’d be behind a hundred guards, in his own aircraft, in a sterile environment. Better luck next time – it’s a good caricature.


  5. Perspective notwithstanding – it’s also a pretty piss poor bit of PS. If this isn’t done with PS, then B-liar has legs about twice as long as they should be and shoes like coco the bloody clown’s.


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