Cowardly Cad of the Year ?

by duncanr

couple separateTucker Blandford, an american guy weasel, engaged to be married, got cold feet before the big day and phoned his bride to be, putting on a fake voice and pretending to be his dad, to tell her he had committed suicide by throwing himself under a car

the scumbag’s ruse unravelled, pretty quickly, however, when his grieving girlfriend . . .

phoned the guy’s bemused parents to offer them her condolences

Getting dumped always hurts, but this must be one of the cruelest and cowardliest way ever to tell someone you no longer want to be with them !

He has shattered my trust and I’m not sure I’ll ever be in a relationship again‘, said ‘hottie tottie’ Alex Lanchester from Sutton Coldfield, in the West Midlands –

Hhmm, she’s a bit of a looker, and Sutton Coldfield is only a 10 minute car ride from where I live – perhaps she needs a shoulder to cry on ?

Excuse me folks, I’m just nipping out for a bit

[I wonder if she likes samosas?]


12 Comments to “Cowardly Cad of the Year ?”

  1. Bloody hell. What a set up.

    Devastated dumped bride to be just happens to be ready and waiting with a couple of photos of herself in daft poses in order to share her story with the world.

    I reckon yer man is better off out of it.

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  2. Duncan to the rescue! 🙂


  3. “Excuse me folks, I’m just nipping out for a bit.”

    Blimey, that’s confidence for you !

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  4. Samosas! It’s a wonder you are not fighting off the ladies!


  5. He certainly isn’t worth crying over. Quite frankly that makes him quite the shitty kind of guy.


  6. He should have faced her and let her down gently by saying something sensitive, like, “I’m sorry, but I’m not horny for you anymore.” That’s what a real gentleman would have done.


  7. Duncan, you’re such a romantic, just don’t forget the chutney to go with the samosas!


    • that’s right enough, foz – it doesn’t tikka much to put me in the mood for romance

      P.S. always keep a jar of caramelised onion chutney in the fridge
      P.P.S. note to self – check ‘use by date’. That jars been in there for 2 years or more !

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      • He’s been too long away from home, and doesn’t it show.
        Duncan, you don’t need to waste your money buying caramelised onion chutney. Simply take an empty jar, add chopped onion, and leave out of the fridge for 2 years or more…


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