Fuck, a Duck !

by duncanr

yellow duckhundreds of the buggers – all over the A4042 road at Llanellen, near Abergavenny, driving motorists quackers !

[the ducks were on their way to Llangynidr, where a crowd was waiting to watch the annual duck race – they have to make their own entertainment in Wales !]


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4 Comments to “Fuck, a Duck !”

  1. A man goes to the Cinema.

    After being shown to his seat, his eyes become accustomed to the dark, and he sees what looks like a Duck sitting next to him.

    “Good God” said the man, incredulously, “are you a Duck ?”

    “Yes” came the reply.

    “What are you doing in here watching a film ?” asked the man.

    “Well,” replied the Duck “I really enjoyed the book.”


  2. I bet the film you were watching when you met this creature was ‘Duck Soup’.

    It must have been great, watching it when it had just come out !


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