Man Divorces Sex-Starved Wife

by duncanr

not now - I've got a headache

not now – I’ve got a headache

a Mumbai court has granted a man a divorce because of his wife’s unreasonable demands for sex –

[poor sod, I know exactly how he feels. My wife was just the same. Always demanding sex – even though it wasn’t Christmas or her birthday]

P.S. don’t feel too sorry for the wife. According to the husband, she has ‘an insatiable appetite for sex‘ and ‘used to force him into having unnatural sex‘. And on top of all that, she used to . . .

force the poor bugger to drink alcohol !

Blimey, some blokes don’t know when they’re well off

anyways, with a glowing reference like that, there’ll be a queue a mile long of men wanting to ‘court’ her now she is single

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One Comment to “Man Divorces Sex-Starved Wife”

  1. I would not be wanting woman who me to the pub send to get tiddled, and for to go home for penetration up bottom having.


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