Cop Crash Scam

by duncanr

you’ve got to feel sorry for the police sometimes

it’s a shitty job, and dangerous too

and often the public are less than co-operative

take this guy in Argentina, for example, who had to be dragged from his car and physically restrained after he knocked down a police officer

my spanish isn’t too good but I think the bugger was muttering something about being innocent – and some cock and bull story about the cop deliberately throwing himself against the car

as if, eh ?

3 Comments to “Cop Crash Scam”

  1. Special edition of candid camera for retired cops? Even I couldn’t act that badly. They forgot the ketchup blood, n’all.


  2. That was terrible! Reminds me of a footballer funnily enough 😉 xx


  3. you can see why many police forces dislike members of the public filming their activities

    let’s hope that when this particular cop signs off sick from work and claims compensation for ‘whiplash’ injury, ‘sore back’, post traumatic stress syndrome, etc., the committee judging his claim view this video and tell him to piss off !


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