Caption this . . .

by duncanr

Britain NATO Summit

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6 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. “Say, dude, what IS this thing they’re all getting het up about?”

    “Er, fucked if I know!”


  2. “Try to look as if we’re discussing something important, David.”

    “Like this ?”

    “Oh, for God’s sake !”

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  3. WE’re BOTH gonna get kicked out at the next elections; shall we start our own ISIS here?

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  4. That’s it, Dave! Clench your buttocks and go for the high-pitched squeaker.

    Just don’t follow-through – remember what happened to Merkel when she tried to clear the room at the G10.


  5. “Just between you and me, I don’t trust her alone with Throbworthy.”
    “Me neither”
    (Source: Throbworthy’s selfie with Bazza and Dave)


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