Hitler’s Trip to Lancashire

by duncanr

Hitler’s boozy weekend trip to Yorkshire re-routed to Lancashire – he is not amused!

7 Comments to “Hitler’s Trip to Lancashire”

  1. “Es hätte schlimmer kommen können, Herr Hitler. Schottland wurde als Alternative angeboten. Und schauen Sie, was passiert, wenn Rudolph Hess flog es auf einem Auslandsjahr zurück-Pack Reise !”


  2. Sticky doesn’t half get going when he loses his rag, doesn’t he?


    • Doesn’t he just !

      It’s people like him that start wars. Any excuse, even the colour of a Rose.


      • Well, you two just fell for the oldest trick in the Handbook of Misinformation/Manipulation Techniques (Vol 17,OUP, 1973).

        It’s obviously a ‘false flag’ operation, produced by a fervent Lancastrian; and designed to reflect badly on Yorkshiremen.

        And the twat even gets in a dig at ‘saverners’, delivered by a Yorkiephile Nazi Tyrant!

        Guaranteed to put every Leeds Utd fan in peril when visiting Wembley Stadium.

        Oh, I forgot. Leeds Utd fans don’t go to Wembley Stadium. Do they?


  3. This brings to mind some graffiti I saw many years ago.

    Somebody (presumably a moron) had sprayed ‘LEEDS UNT’ on a wall. Somebody else (presumably a witty moron) had added a letter c in the enticing space.


  4. Yes, the cunt who ate Leeds.


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