You’ll Never Believe this, Officer

by duncanr

bodyinbootin these times of austerity – when money is tight – some folk might thank their lucky stars if they returned to their car after a shopping trip to find someone had left a large chunk of meat in the boot/trunk

some folk might leg it out of there as quick as they could and transfer that meat to their freezer before anyone came looking for it

then again, some folk would call the cops –

3 Comments to “You’ll Never Believe this, Officer”

  1. I find this American/English – English/American very confusing.

    Did this lady find a trunk in her boot ? Was it an Elephant trunk ? and if so, surely she would have walked with a limp with something that size stuck in her boot ?

    Or, is the trunk we’re referring to, a part of her Sedan car body (a boot in English) where she found a body in a boot ?

    If so, who is the trunk, and whose is the boot ?

    Believe me, even if they find someone without a trunk strolling around with just one boot, this will never get to court.

    (Don’t you agree, Nobbly ?)


  2. You know my views on American English when used by non-septics.

    Boot it out!


  3. I hope never to drink what she was drinking.


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