Referendum Reflections

by duncanr

bob geldof caricaturethere have been some odd sights during the run up to the Scottish Referendum on Independence

there have been a succession of non-Scots, multi-millionares – some of whom don’t live in the UK, never mind live in Scotland – queuing up to tell folk in Scotland to vote NO

I don’t know what’s more bizzare . . .

the idea that people deciding which way to vote are going to be influenced by such trivialities as whether or not a bunch of ‘celebrities’ think it’s a good idea or not

the self-conceit of these ‘celebrities’ in thinking that they are important enough that folk are going to heed their opinions

or an Irishman, whose own country itself sought and gained independence from the UK, seeking to dissuade Scotland from doing likewise –

7 Comments to “Referendum Reflections”

  1. I see that Lord Beckham of Ponce has also been adding a little much needed gravitas to proceedings. Although quite why the Scots should be influenced by the ex-England football captain is lost on me.


    • Lighten up on the guy, Nobbly. He’s only doing what his missus tells him.


    • beats me, too

      all these English folk telling Scots that they like them and will miss them if they go, seems to me to trivialise what’s going on here

      people are basing their decision on whether to vote YES or NO on what they perceive to be in the best economic, political, and social interests of Scotland – not on whether or not some once-famous celebrity likes them or not

      to imagine that people’s decision on which way to vote can be swayed by what a faded celebrity thinks is patronising and an insult to the intelligence of voters in Scotland


  2. [aside] just finished my image to accompany post if Scotland votes YES – now off to work on my alternative image to accompany post if Scotland votes NO


  3. Am really following this referendum and although I left the UK after 15 years there (3 years in Aberdeen and 9 years in London) I still enjoy this debate. Am a swede so really I shouldn’t butt in but hey if Geldof done it then why not me 🙂 to be honest I want Scotland to stay. Both the rest and Scotland are better off together. I think Scotland is worse off separating themself financially but will be interested to see the tally on Thursday. If it happens, well good on ya Scotland and do good. If not we’ll hear moaning about it and blame on the English which is not fair… this is my opinion so hate it or love as Ms Dynamite would say.


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