It’s All in the Mind

by duncanr

Daniel Turbeville owns a lumber yard in West Tennessee

the other day, he found Jesus in a plank of wood –

about 70% of the people I ask agree it looks like the image of Christ, he said

Jesus on plank

if, like me, you are among the 30% who can’t see jesus in this pic, help is at hand

It took me a while but . . .

after staring at the pic for 20 minutes or so I finally saw what Daniel Turbeville had seen

I’ve highlighted the section of the pic where I found Jesus

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21 Comments to “It’s All in the Mind”

  1. Jesus had watched with satisfaction as his mirror-image twin was consigned to the woodchipper bin of the lumber yard. He’d never liked his twin, the world’s first born-again Christian.
    Now after more than 2,000 years successfully hiding out in a log, he’d suffered the ignominy of being discovered by a gullible twit who would have mistaken any old image of a bearded face as his.
    Now he was being subjected to intense scrutiny by a bearded Scotsman; he had suffered under that penetrating stare for 2 hours and 20 minutes with no sign of remission.
    “It’s no good, ratty,” the Scotsman said at last. “I’ve been trying for about 20 minutes, but I still can’t see him”…


  2. Don’t know about that, but there is a penis up the LH side of the frame. With a little man’s head on the end.


  3. You’ve made him look very Japanese.


  4. You must have one of those pens that writes on wood.


  5. It is difficult to see, though – it’s a bit grainy….


  6. I can see Bob Marley.

    Does that help ?


  7. Jesus is staring Bob Marley in the face.
    You can tell that’s Jesus because he’s a white guy with a beard, wearing a hijab.


  8. It would put a new spin on a few parables/miracles/nice stories, though…

    …. and Jesus spake unto the man, saying “Git aff yer arse, ye lazy wee shite. Don’t gi’ me that auld pish aboot bein’ paralysed. Now fuck aff, an’ don’t come back.”


  9. I can see Beaker from The Muppet Show.

    Is this significant?


  10. I can see Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a miracle.


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