Pull the Other One

by duncanr

whoreI read a load of shite before picking some of the best to post on madhatters, Reading so much, I can often spot ‘dodgy’ stories when I come across them. Yesterday, for instance, I read a story about a 12 yr old girl engaged to be married to a man in his 30’s who was blogging about the preparations for her forthcoming wedding. As I read the story, my . . .

instinct was screaming ‘bollocks’ so I wasn’t surprised when I neared the end of the article and found out the whole thing was a publicity stunt to promote awareness of child marriages in some parts of the world – http://tinyurl.com/psy74wp

Today my suspicions are aroused by a story in the Austrian Times. Have a read and tell me I’m not alone in thinking this story too is a load of bollocks – http://tinyurl.com/kpbf946

5 Comments to “Pull the Other One”

  1. Das ist ein gute joke, nein ?


  2. Here are the racing results

    Haydock Park – 3:30 – The NobbySan ‘That’s fucking burnt, I like mine rare’ Stakes

    Going: Out the bog window without paying

    1st – Youravinalarfaintcha (7:2 jt fav)
    2nd – Utter bollocks (3:1)
    3rd – Issa trewfguvnor (100:1)

    Distances – short todger, fucking mile

    12 ran
    3 walked
    1 couldn’t be arsed leaving the stable


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