Let’s Party !

by duncanr

partyI had a sobering thought the other day – I have reached that age when I have lived as many years in England as I have in my native Scotland

and while I have been happy here and love living in Brum, there is no doubt where my heart lies

indeed, I only have to see that . . .

sign (http://imgur.com/lyLKI1u) marking the border separating the two countries and my spirit soars

my late wife understood this pull Scotland has on my heart and far from mocking me, she oftimes encouraged me to visit my homeland

why don’t you bugger off back to Scotland“, she would say

many folk have said much the same to me since, though generally in a more polite form of words – and minus a flying object aimed at my head!

will you ever go home?“, I have frequently been asked

and now that retirement is only a year or so away, the question I am asked most frequently is “are you planning to go home when you retire?

what these questions imply – and it’s a view I share – is that no matter how long I live in England, it is not my home. I am an immigrant here

that being the case, I was delighted to read of this proposal and wish to know to whom I should apply for the funds to organise a street party on my behalf

£200 may not seem like a large sum, but I know where I can get my hands on 150 large vegetarian samosas for £30 – that leaves £20 for some bunting, and £150 for booze

Let’s party !


One Comment to “Let’s Party !”

  1. You can celebrate Wombat Day on Wednesday, and we won’t tell anyone you’re not a native Wombie. Free chocolate and wine gums for all!


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