Dementia Diagnose Reward

by duncanr

wanted poster£55there is some concern in the UK that dementia sufferers are not being diagnosed early enough so someone had the bright idea of offering GPs (family doctors) £55 for every person diagnosed with dementia

some folk, though, think this is ethically wrong –

Me ?

I’ve made a mental note not to visit my GP about that pesky ingrown toenail lest the greedy bugger turns me in for that £55 !

now where was I ?

15 Comments to “Dementia Diagnose Reward”

  1. I think I might have made a similar note, as soon as I find me hearing aids I have a look to see if I can find the note. I think.


  2. Doc… I’ve got this funny lump on my elbow.

    When did you first notice it?

    Well, I can’t quite remember.



  3. You’ll all be OK, as long as you don’t forget to not visit your GP….


  4. And strangely, dementia rates have gone up 40% this year. . .


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