How NOT to Treat your Friends

by duncanr

Iraqis and Afghanis who worked as translators for the US and Allied forces risked their own and their family’s lives by doing so

one would think a debt of gratitude was owing them then and a moral obligation exist to ensure their safety when the troops withdraw from their country

judge for yourself whether that is the case

I’d like to think translators who worked for the UK forces were treated a bit better than those who worked for the americans – but I am not confident in assuming so !

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One Comment to “How NOT to Treat your Friends”

  1. Duncan, I’ve not yet had time to watch this video but I will. I have heard of numerous stories of American service men who have returned to the USA and have fought to get the translators and their families out and to the USA. I followed one story for a while but lost the thread to it. I will watch the video when I get home tonight.


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