Once a Wanker, Always a Wanker

by duncanr

david mellorDavid Mellor is a wanker, tosspot, arsehole, piece of gobshite – really, there’s no end to the words I could use to describe him

he’s also an arrogant, snob who thinks himself a cut above the ‘common people’ and like a lot of people who hold that belief, he is extremely rude and offensive and bullying to those he considers ‘beneath him’ – as this London taxi driver can attest to – http://tinyurl.com/oe32u9k

8 Comments to “Once a Wanker, Always a Wanker”

  1. Never heard of him – living abroad has its advantages. His wife got all the limelight, then he realized that he couldn’t even find the best route home. So he shot the remnants of dignity he had left. Not only rude, offensive and bullying, but incredible unintelligent. London’s a big place without a black cab.


  2. Heard about the twat on the radio early this morning – wondered if you’d have a take on him.


    • I hate arrogance as a character trait – especially when it manifests as a lack of respect for other folk and a condescending, dismissive regard for their opinions and rights

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    • I heard this on the radio when I was on the motorway this morning. For some reason I pictured the reptilian wee shite doing this while wearing his Chelsea kit, and nearly swerved into another lane.

      I was about as popular as a fat arrogant disgraced politician making an arse of himself in a taxi.

      However, my opinion of Mellor has risen somewhat on learning that Pierced Organ has referred to him as ‘loathsome’ – he must be doing something right if he’s on the wrong side of that arrogant twat.

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