Season’s Greetings . . .

by sticky



Not the lovely view above (click to enlarge), just a different take on the festivities . . .



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3 Comments to “Season’s Greetings . . .”


    Tip: begin watching at 4 minutes in.


  2. Excellent stuff, as ever. You should be the next poet wot lorry ate.

    Having suffered a morning doing the traditional husband’s sullen shopping shuffle around Manchester city centre a couple of weeks ago, I can’t even begin to imagine the full horror of trying to get round and buy stuff as the grate [sic] day draws nearer.


    • You’re too kind, sir. But then, it’s nice to be appreciated.

      Gave me an excuse (not that I needed it) to post Zeitgeist again, so that those who haven’t watched it can see what bullshit most religions have constructed from the actions of the sun, and its appearance in the sky around this time of year.


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