Bowing Down to Bullies

by duncanr

kim jong un toonit’s a sad (but true) fact of life that appearance plays such a large part in how we judge/treat others, and fat folk are often made fun of

must be hard on them – [even more so if you’re the only fat bastard in the country]

understandable then if they are a bit sensitive to criticism – a bit over the top though to over-react to the proposed release of a crappy, less than flattering film about oneself?

and a bit poor of those who allowed threats of violence to dictate what folk can or cannot view – for once a precedent is set, where does it stop ?

is Kim Jong Un going to determine what . . .

we can watch on our TVs at Xmas?

radiotimes approved version

4 Comments to “Bowing Down to Bullies”

  1. Holy crap. You just made me realize Kim Jong Un maybe possibly be the only fat person in his entire country.


    • you ever see a fat north korean other than kim jong un ?

      the reason he’s so fat and they are so not is probably because he’s the greedy bastard that’s eating all the food 😆


  2. Sony has been taking a lot of stick [including from Obama] for their decision to cancel releasing a crappy film about a fictional CIA sponsored attempt to assassinate Kim Onion following threats of violent repercussions if they failed to do so

    but really, isn’t Obama and everyone else pointing the finger of guilt at the wrong party?

    Sony is in the business of making money

    there is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity

    Sony must have been rubbing their hands with glee at the mass of free publicity this story has engendered – a hell of a lot more folk now know about this film than ever did before!

    sadly for Sony’s accountants anticipating a huge increase in take at the box office, americans have lost that courageous, pioneering spirit that characterised early settlers of that country – the west would never have been won by the current lot of wimps

    they are now a nation living in fear, seeing bogeymen round every corner, and in every non-white face

    but their greatest bogeymen, the one’s they fear most, that strike fear in their hearts – are lawyers

    if Obama is casting around for someone to blame for the current situation, for someone to accuse of cowardice in the face of a terrorist threat, perhaps he should look closer to home – to the owners of those american theatres too shit-scared to show this film, following advice from their lawyers that by doing so, knowing of the threats, they would be laying themselves open to litigation by any survivors or families of the slain if terrorists attacked theatres daring to show this film ?

    after all, Sony wants to turn a profit

    there is no money to be made in releasing a film if no theatre is prepared to show it


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