Unwanted Presents

by duncanr

xmas presents120I did quite well with pressies this xmas, only one naff one – and I am planning to regift that to some poor unlucky sod as soon as possible 😆

[they say it is the thought that counts – all I can say is given some of the crap presents I have had over the years, some folk don’t think much of me at all!]

I’ve been brought up proper, though, so I . . .

smile politely and say thank you so as not to hurt the feelings of the bastard that gave me a crap present

other folk, though, are not so diplomatic as me when they receive an unwelcome gift – http://tinyurl.com/ktdqw2c

13 Comments to “Unwanted Presents”

  1. If only Jack the Ripper were still with us – just think of what he could do with the ‘Pifco 5 Function Multi Slicer’ I was gifted this season!

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  2. Relatives, who visit over the Christmas period and drink all my booze, are an unwanted presence.

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  3. My other half just informed me that my kids wanted to get me flights to Poland and accommodation for Christmas to coincide with my birthday in March, but he told them he wasn’t sure and even suggested a one for all voucher instead, so they changed their mind.. (eejit, gobshite, fecker all come to mind)
    I told him I am now ready for a divorce. Look out for a similar article based in Ireland as I’m definitely ready to kill him.
    I wouldn’t mind but up until he told me, I really liked the presents my gang got me.

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    • When changing your own mind – never explain the alternative

      But if you ever change somebody else’s for them – never, ever, admit your part in proceedings.

      Don’t worry Tric, when you’re serving a 20 stretch for murder I’ll send you a cake with a file in it on your birthday…. or maybe a voucher.

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      • Hahaha. At least I know a year in advance what poxy present he is getting next year. An ‘I couldn’t be arsed thinking about what you would like and braving the crowds’ voucher.


  4. I didn’t not get no presents this year, I did get two cards though – which were an improvement on last year. I don’t mind though, I’m quiet happy with the situation. Not depressed or suicidal at all. Oh no… no. I’ll put the kettle on then…


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