Justifying Child Assault

by duncanr

jesus and little childrenfor many people, religion is a comfort, a source of strength and inspiration. It helps them find meaning and purpose in life, and guides their behaviour in positive ways, to be kind, generous, and loving to their fellows on this planet

and then there are the arseholes – [and I don’t just mean atheists like me 😆 ]

every religion has them – selectively . . .

quoting from and misinterpreting their sacred texts to justify their behaviour

like these two, for instance

8 Comments to “Justifying Child Assault”

  1. Wankers, the pair of them.

    Abu Hamza but on a smaller scale. They’re just insignificant local bullies picking on kids, rather than maniacs with an international audience preaching and funding large scale death and mutilation.

    Religion stinks.

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  2. Holy crap. And I mean, holy crap.


  3. It is hard to believe this guy is for real. I would like a special “dispensation” to kick his arse.


  4. They should both be arrested: the first one for assault, and the other one for incitement to violence.


    • “He was a bright kid, which didn’t help things — made him more dangerous.”


      I guess he means the kid was not going to dumbly accept there is a god just because that’s what his elders (and betters) told him was so – the cheeky bugger wanted to question that belief and last thing the pastor wanted was that questioning attitude infecting the other kids with doubt !


  5. These are frightening 😦 xx


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