Frosty Fatwa

by duncanr

saudi snowman1while on the subject of snow – see previous post – a Saudi cleric has issued a fatwa banning the building of snowmen –

[this is going to be a sore disappointment to the muslim kids building snowmen in my local park !]

apparently GOD is against the building of snowmen (who knew, eh ?) – funny how it has taken all these centuries until . . .

now before this cleric has divined GOD’s attitude towards the building of snowmen !

[if I was a muslim, I would demand a second opinion!]

what is sadder than a pathetic religious nut seeking to spoil adults and kids having a bit of fun together in the snow is that there are some folk that will actually believe what this guy says

one twit on twitter, for instance, twitted that building snowmen – “promotes lustiness and eroticism”

well, perhaps i’m naive but I’ve never heard of anyone getting horny at sight of a snowman or harbouring sexual fantasies involving snowmen

sounds like this particular twit needs to go speak to a psychiatrist about his ‘problem’

I mean, how could anyone see anything at all erotic about a snowman ? –

One Comment to “Frosty Fatwa”

  1. Oh, I dunno. I’ve heard that the Welsh can get quite excited about things of that nature around this time of year.


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