Fancy a Pint?

by duncanr

I grew up in the 50s when, not long after the war, milk was an expensive luxury for my parents

instead, they bought powdered milk and added water to make up pints of this white, watery ‘pretend’ milk

later, when I tasted the ‘real’ stuff, I found it revolting – thick and sweet, I couldn’t drink it

after a lifetime of not drinking milk, ads like this – promoting milk packaged in a can rather than glass bottles or cartons – are not going to persuade me to change

but perhaps it will some people?

3 Comments to “Fancy a Pint?”

  1. Sterilised milk for me and Dad, no fridges or mother in those days for us. Tsk! Still yer don’t like to complain do you.


  2. …and let us not forget that 30 seconds after taking a teaspoon, neat, of that cream-coloured dust, during which every internal surface of your mouth – roof, floor, tongue, teeth and gums – would be instantly covered with a thin but impenetrable layer of fur, every skerrick of moisture suddenly evacuated, your gob drier than the Gobi…


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