End of the Road ?

by duncanr

not for the first time, it seems I am in the minority

I’ve always considered him a bit of a tosspot – so I, for one, will not be signing this petition – http://tinyurl.com/phepacf


8 Comments to “End of the Road ?”

  1. I think he’s a top presenter. There – I’ve said it !

    Top Gear, without Clarkson, would be nothing.


  2. I agree with you Duncan. I couldn’t give a toss xx


  3. I agree. Somebody posted a comment suggesting that the beeb start a petition to see how many people agree with their action – I would sign it!

    350,000 idiots signed to have him reinstated, but I sign petitions all the time for good causes(eg. https://www.change.org/p/london-councils-deny-permission-for-a-pop-up-owl-bar), and they don’t get anything like this response. Unless they’re Avaaz ones, which get world coverage when necessary.


  4. Clarkson is an arse.

    His programme is nothing more than a vehicle for him to inflict his ego on as many people as possible.

    Unfortunately, people are gullible, and – as Paul Weller once said – “the public wants what the public gets”. As a result TG is a huge cash cow for the beeb; so I think you can expect to see the odious tory twat smugly back on your (but thankfully not my) screens fairly soon.


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