Pre-Marriage Arithmetic Test

by duncanr

indian math testI’ve been married twice (not at the same time) – to two lovely women

fortunately, neither of my wives were as picky as this woman –


4 Comments to “Pre-Marriage Arithmetic Test”

  1. Any country or culture in which marriage is seen as a duty, and is forcibly arranged by financially interested parties must expect shit such as this to happen.

    In this country, the illiterate are forced to breed rather than marry, as a means of securing housing and a limited income.

    Of course, having filled their council house (sorry…’social housing unit’) with sprogs, they then have little chance of ever obtaining employment that would cover the cost of childcare and hence are trapped into a life on state benefit payments.

    Maybe the Indian system is better.


  2. “In this country, the illiterate are forced to breed . . .”

    Have you been drinkling ?

    (Whatever that means)


  3. The man was a prat who obviously didn’t know how to handle women.

    All he had to do was look steadily into her eyes and say “in my world, you’re the only one that counts.”

    Then – Hey Presto – he would have been in for a bit of squelching.

    Some people, eh ?


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