Putting the internet to good use

by NobblySan

This post on the BBC shows how a medium that has the potential to cause pain can be used to counter that pain, and to spread a positive message.

There are some truly remarkable people out there.

It’s a damn good job, as well! We need them to remind us that the vast majority who don’t give a toss can be swayed by the few who are genuinely nasty pieces of work.

9 Comments to “Putting the internet to good use”

  1. Legal representatives acting on behalf of NobblySan have issued the following statement:

    Our client, Nobblysan of Dunwhingin, Nofixedabode, Lancashire, England, FU2 0FO, wishes to distance himself from any recent ‘touchy-feely’ posts that may have been made on the MadHatters blog under his name. He wishes to reassure his fans that he is still the miserable little bastard that he has always been, and is proud of the fact. The day that he posts anything of a ‘feelgood’ nature, is the day that he will eat his hat. Pass the salt, will you….?


    • that a grumpy miserable git should put up such an out of character positive post on madhatters did make me wonder if you’d been hacked ?


      • You mean after his pro-tory rant on another post . . . ?


        • I resent that!

          My post was in support of the illiterati, and explained why they are forced to churn out sprogs by the bucketload in order to obtain housing and money.

          Nowhere did I suggest that they should be evicted and have their benefits halved, so that they are forced to seek honest gainful employment as city traders and bank executives. Rumour has it amongst Tory circles that other jobs do exist.


  2. Yes, because if you do that, then they will get lots of money for doing fuck all and then claim travelling expenses and money for accommodation and . . .


    • eh? Oh…. you mean graphic designers!


        • I’m sorry. I’ve just taken the time to read the article, and then follow up more about it in the national press

          She was just thirteen years of age when she came across the piece written by some cunt (no apologies) naming her as the world’s ugliest person, and then reading the comments left by other cunts.

          Thirteen ! An age when you want just to be accepted by your peers. I had to fight back tears when I read that..

          Yes, she can be described as different, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she was ugly, and she has that something about her that transcends conventional beauty, that something (courage, bubbly personality?) that makes her very attractive.

          Great post, Nobbly.


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