My Kind of Job

by duncanr

brothel inspectorA multilingual person is desired, with knowledge of French a particular advantage

Hhmmm, excuse me while I go brush up on my French – got to be quick before ‘ratty’ spots this ad and beats me to it


12 Comments to “My Kind of Job”

  1. Le job is le mine, Duncan, because de me parfait Frensh.

    Alors, allez vous faire foutre.

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  2. Ah! M. Le ratty – votre Franglais, c’est plus de good!

    Je voudrais swearais comme ca.


  3. Could one of you admin blokes take a look at the bit where it shows you who has posted what ? I’ve posted some great comments that aren’t showing up, and I would hate them not to be appreciated.


    • my comments on the ‘Caption this’ post featuring the Pope and the nuns aren’t showing up either


      • I noticed it earlier, with a comment I posted yesterday, then saw it happen right in front of my eyes, with a comment on ’50 Shades of Grey’. The icon appeared at the top of the list, then had disappeared after another couple of postings.


        • Hmmm . . !

          I thought I had problems (that, incidentally, just a few quid could put right.)

          But, all that’s been put into perspective by the horrendous problems you guys have been experiencing recently.

          I just hope that you find a solution.

          Your pal,

          ratty (Administrator)


  4. Yes, looks like it’ll be left for Nobbly to sort out, again.


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