To Circumcise or Not

by duncanr

baby facing circumcisionshortly after her son was born, a woman agreed to him being circumcised, as the boy’s father wished

she has since changed her mind, however, and is now on the run from the law to avoid her son being ‘snipped’ – leading a Florida judge to issue an ultimatum – allow her 4 yr old son to be circumcised, as the father of the boy wants, or go to jail

Hhhmmm, I’m on the . . .

side of the mum and her son here, and I’m not the only one – a facebook campaign has been launched to save the little prick –

P.S. for a comparison of the rate of circumcision in the UK vs USA, see –

2 Comments to “To Circumcise or Not”

  1. Those people should be circumscribed.


  2. They can do what they want as far as I’m concerned !

    It’s no skin off my nose.


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