Fuck Cheryl

by duncanr

puzzledthe following is a Maths question posed in a paper to Singapore schoolkids . . .


having thought about this question for about 2 minutes without coming up with an answer I think Cheryl is a bitch and Albert and Bernard should dump her and find another girl who isn’t such a tease

P.S. if you want to know the answer, check the 1st comment after this post

5 Comments to “Fuck Cheryl”

  1. if you really want to know when Cheryl’s birthday is, click here – http://tinyurl.com/kvquhoq


  2. July 16th.

    (Easy-peasy !)


  3. I protest. Obviously, ratty has been posing as either Albert or Bernard, and has come by the correct answer by nefarious means, else, how would he know Cheryl comes from the wrong side of the Atlantic as obviated by expressing her birthday as “July 16th” and not “16th July” ?


  4. I make it September 23rd.


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