There is No Justice

by duncanr

prisoner150the title of this post is not mine – it’s Sam’s

read her post here –

and when you’ve read that, read this . . .

3 Comments to “There is No Justice”

    The page you are looking for no longer exists.

    Just my luck !


  2. That may be my doing; I had warned FF about the possible risk of prejudicing legal proceedings by discussing the case in question in an open forum.

    I may have been talking complete bollocks, as I know two-thirds of the square root of fuck all about the law, but you never know….. On the other hand, it may have had bugger all to do with me, and be a server glitch.

    Anyway, just so you know, FF was complaining about the lack of justice following a recent complaint that she had made to the local police regarding a particularly unsavoury character who had been harassing her.

    This odious stalker had been sighted hanging around her property, and had been heard muttering lecherous comments in a west country accent, believed to be Cornish. Following his departure there was always a slight lingering smell of camel shit, a few fag ends and on occasions, a McDonalds takeaway bag in the vicinity.

    After showing an initial interest in the case, the local plod suddenly shelved the file, and claimed never to have heard of her. Rumours that the chief constable has just taken annual leave to spend a couple of free weeks at a palatial property known as Fircombe Hall in the Moroccan desert are so far unconfirmed.


  3. The perverted bastard needs to be caught and strung up by his balls and . . . Eh ! – hang on a minute !


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