by duncanr

6 Comments to “Gift”

  1. “Some day I hope to be the person my dog believes me to be”.

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  2. I have to admit I didn’t see the end coming, and when it became obvious it was quite gut-wrenching. Anyone who has ever had a relationship with their pet dog knows 100% that their dog does indeed genuinely feel love, affection and companionship for their owner, and betrayal of that trust would be every bit as devastating as would be felt by a human.
    Full marks to the makers…

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    • the end caught me by surprise too

      in my defence, I was half-watching it while eating breakfast and assumed it was a story about a dad picking up his daughter from a 1st marriage to share in his daughter’s – from a 2nd marriage/relationship – birthday

      even when I guessed he was going to drive off at the end, I still thought he was abandoning a little girl

      when the girl transformed into a dog, it really hit me hard – a really well-made hard-punching video !


    • Gut-wrenching, Couldn’t have put it better myself.


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