Caption this . . .

by duncanr



10 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. This is just so dirty.


  2. Bobby Charlton was not impressed with the new smaller footballs proposed by the England Women’s captain.


  3. Bob had to admit Lucy had bigger balls than him


  4. A fruitful discussion on pressure tactics…


  5. Is your name Cameron? Then you need these.


  6. Now then Mr. Hitler – these are from our premium ‘grossenplums’ product range – very popular with the frauleins, and guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd at Nuremburg.

    A pair of these retails at only 3500 Reichmarks; but for you, our special Fuehrer discount will apply, and you’ll get a 20% discount on the pair.

    What’s that? Oh, so you’ll only be needing the one, then.


  7. “No, it’s not at all like a pear” said the elderly blind lady to the tall handsome design engineer.


  8. “Now . . . how would you like to hold my plums . . . ?”


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