It’s Lies, I Tell Ye – All Lies !

by duncanr

there aint half some rubbish published in newspapers these days –

I can assure you there’s no rats in my part of Brum !

brummie rats

4 Comments to “It’s Lies, I Tell Ye – All Lies !”

  1. of course, I’ll happily concede other parts of Birmingham may have a bit of a problem 😆


  2. There’s a plague of twats affecting the whole country at the moment.

    Rumours are, that pest control measures are in place to ensure that the outbreak will be resolved by the 7th of May, although outbreaks of relating sulking, whinging, childish recrimination and smugness are expected to continue well into the next parliament.


  3. I agree. Absolute rubbish, duncan. It’s no doubt exactly the same problem as suffered by uz all here on Mad Hatters – 15,000 sightings of the same rat.


    • …er …regarding our beloved rat.
      “citings”, not “sightings”…
      including, but not limited to: ‘citings’, ‘recitings’, ‘incitings’, and ‘excitings’…


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