Take Us With You, Scotland

by duncanr

_82996782_takeuswithyoumapHhhmmm, seems a lot of folk in the north of England think they have more in common with their Scottish neighbours than they do with their new political masters in London

an online petition requesting that the north of England be allowed to secede from the UK and join with Scotland – the border between Scotland and England being redrawn much further south than at present – has garnered around 20k signatures in the last couple of days; while the hashtag TakeUsWithYouScotland is currently trending on twitter – where the reaction of Scots to the proposal has been warm and welcoming

[now if only they’d redraw that border just a bit further to the south, to include Birmingham !] 😆


2 Comments to “Take Us With You, Scotland”

  1. ‘One nation’ from an entirely new angle! Personally I’ve always – for a galaxy of of sound reasons – wanted to see a United States of Europe – won’t happen in my lifetime if ever! I couldn’t – for example – give a jot that at its centre would be Brussels – does the average Texan care less that the centre of government is in Washington. A good old leftie in style/young in nature Nicola Sturgeon could be just the gal ‘one nation’ made up of component parts/States needs…that she is Scottish not English is entirely irrelevant to this old fool! She’d win outright if she put her thinking cap on you know!


  2. Here’s another good reason to live in Scotland:


    Take Me With You, Scotland !


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