We Might Post Shite but . . .

by duncanr

at least we’ve got staying power !

wordpress achievement

15 Comments to “We Might Post Shite but . . .”

  1. Wow congrats on 8 years!


  2. Wow that is some achievement, and not only do you post shite, you also regularly post about shite, in fact madhatter’s is shite.
    I’ll have a drink in your honour tonight… any excuse.

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  3. It’s all in the name. “The Mad Hatters” was a standout choice compared to “The Sensible Milliners”


  4. Glad to have found your shite!


  5. Historical notes – little known facts about the Mad Hatters:
    The majority of Mad Hatters have links to fundamentalist Shite militias, but they are ruled over by the Sennile minority with orifices in Bummingham, supported by an elite unit of the “Lancashire Guards” ensuring the continued purity of English …er dialects. And no fucking smileys. The institutions of the throne are further honoured in verses quoted from the made up by a holy man.
    There is also a fanatical Moroccan, a native speaker of ancient Cornish and shite, who was recruited by a social media WordPress campaign targeting disaffected youth.


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  6. Adoption of the name ‘Mad Hatters’ originated in the finest traditions of African democracy, and free and fair electoral process.

    Polling for the new name (to replace “Carmen’s Cafe”) was running smoothly with ‘Espresso Bongo’ a clear front-runner and expected to win by several lengths. However, with a day to go before the poll closed, a well-known and much-missed South African shortarse discovered that you could vote more than once, and her preferred title of ‘The Mad Hatters’ was declared the winner.


    • Well done, Julie! Where is she, anyway – I reckon it must be a year or more since she was on here ?


      • Last time I swapped emails with her, she reckoned there was nothing on here to interest her anymore. She liked the more gossipy side of things when we had a sizeable regular readership who were willing to contribute.

        I’ll stop there, or I’ll end up ranting about the bloody like facility and the horror that is ‘Reblogged this on…’


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