Irish Ayes are Smiling

by duncanr

marriageand no wonder!

12 Comments to “Irish Ayes are Smiling”

  1. Brilliant !

    Next stop, cannabis !


    • Indeed… after all, didn’t that bible thing that the Irish Catholics seem to like so much, say something along the lines of
      “Any man who lays with another man should be stoned.”?


    • On a more serious note; this is just the sort of occasion that restores my faith in human nature.

      It is not just the people showing that they have the will and the capacity to do what is so basically equitable and right, but also showing that the decisions made by others (church, state, etc. – supposedly on behalf of ‘the people’) are so out of tune with public will and opinion.

      Great stuff.

      Best wishes to all concerned on the YES side.


      • a richly deserved kick in the cassocks for those ministers and priests that have long preached that love between a same sex couple is a ‘sin’

        their stance has caused unnecessary pain and suffering for so many

        perhaps now they will listen to the voice of the people that loving another person (of whatever gender), wanting to care, support and protect them, share your life with them in a loving relationship can NEVER be deemed ‘sinful’ and rethink their position on this subject – but I doubt they will !


    • And, sure enough, it’s coming. Aren’t the Irish lucky to have politicians who aren’t thoroughly corrupt?


  2. It’s been one long party weekend. My brother wrote a post on my blog and it reminded me of how much of himself he has hidden every day for over twenty years. Yahoo, I’m so delighted to be a part of it all. There are not many days in life like last Friday/Saturday.


    • so happy for your brother, tric

      he can walk with his head held high and a spring in his step (once he’s got over that hangover) basking in the knowledge that, far from criticising his choice of partner, so many of his fellow countrymen (and women) turned out in huge numbers to support his right to love whosoever he wants !


  3. Channel 4 News interviewed a Sinn Féin TD during the celebrations in Dublin, and she was so eloquent about the catholic church recognising what comes under their ‘remit’, and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, I can’t find it on YouTube or the Channel 4 News website.


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