Indian Police Arrest Pigeon

by duncanr

spy pigeona pigeon has been arrested in India on suspicion of spying for Pakistan after it was found to have a note written in Urdu and with a Pakistan telephone number attached to its leg

an x-ray of the bird found nothing incriminating but police are . . .

keeping it behind bars until satisfied of its innocence

the police are being cagey about releasing details of the message the bird was carrying but madhatter foreign reporter, Mustapha Leak, was able to secure a copy of the note which – when passed through Google Translate – suggests the bird is no stool pigeon

غیر شادی شدہ ماؤں کے آپ کو بھارتی بیٹوں میری کبوتر جائے تو اس کی واپسی کے لیے انتظام کرنے کیلئے اس نمبر پر فون کریں، براہ مہربانی.

real story here –

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