When a Parent is the Bully

by duncanr

rest in peaceno parent should have to bury their child

my kids are alive, I think – [buggers never phone] -so I can’t begin to imagine the pain the father of 13yr old Isabel Laxamana feels after she committed suicide by throwing herself off an overpass

when one reads of a young person committing suicide these days, it is all too often the result of being the butt of bullies

sadly, that appears to have been a factor leading Isabel to end her life

to make a bad situation even worse, the bully in this case was . . .

her own dad !

now, I’m the last person to criticise another parent – my own skills in this regard are somewhat questionable, as my kids will only too readily confirm (fucken bastards!)

like every other parent, I muddled through, making a lot up as I went along, and getting a whole lot wrong in the process

but one thing I hope my kids learnt from me and the wife is that whatever disagreements, arguments, fights we may have had with one-another within the family, if the kids got into any kind of trouble outside the family home, we were there to protect and support them against the world,if need be, and the family home was the one place they could return to in times of trouble and feel safe and secure

sadly for 13 yr old Isabel, her dad did not seem to share that viewpoint

it would be too easy to judge Isabel’s dad harshly for what he did (one should not cruelly shame/embarrass publicly one’s offspring) – http://tinyurl.com/ojc4smh

I would like to think, though, that his grief is compounded by feelings of guilt and remorse over the way he treated Isabel that might lead him to re-evaluate his approach to parenting his remaining kids

10 Comments to “When a Parent is the Bully”

  1. If it is true that her father posted that video, what kind of insane rage causes a parent to do something so horrific?


  2. Oh Duncan….how have we come to this?


  3. Oh for a Golden Age of Simple Compassion…all my kids have been utter bastards at time yet me and the missus never stopped that rather crucial ‘loving’ bit.


  4. Sometimes there are no words.


  5. Dunc, you are too forgiving of this sad excuse for a man. He’s a bully with blood on his hands and deserves all the shit he gets.


    • I once worked with a lovely nurse who was desperate to have a baby, and was going for fertility treatment. Unfortunately, time was running out, and she had to accept that this was never going to happen. I work with children and families, and it’s difficult not to wonder sometimes why some people have children.


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