Christian Compassion and Comfort Fail

by duncanr

asked what words of comfort he could offer a woman who questioned why GOD had allowed her 3 yr old child to die, Pat Robertson said GOD sees and knows everything – what has been, what is, and what will be – and that perhaps GOD had taken her child to prevent it growing into a Hitler or Stalin or a serial killer

(guess this means Robertson believes a person’s fate is predetermined and not the result of free will ?)

which begs the question – if GOD intervened to prevent this woman’s child growing up and becoming an evil person, why the hell didn’t he stop Hitler and Stalin from growing to adulthood?

Hhmmm, not sure how much comfort that explanation will be to the grieving mother – to be told her child’s death is a blessing in disguise because GOD foresaw it would grow up to be a monster ?

2 Comments to “Christian Compassion and Comfort Fail”

  1. Years ago when Pat Robertson was standing for high office I remember someone commenting. … “I know Pat Robertson says he is born again. But why did he have to come back as himself?”

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  2. I guess the baby could have grown up to be Pat Robertson. I’d like Pat to explain why the Lord in his infinite mercy and wisdom would prevent that.

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