Free Beer and Sex

by duncanr

prostitutein a protest against the taxes he has to pay, the owner of a brothel in Austria is offering a ‘summer special’

for 8 weeks only – as much beer and sex punters want, all for free!

[Hhmm, where did sticky say he was going on holiday this week ?]

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4 Comments to “Free Beer and Sex”

  1. You can betcha, old muckers, that our sticky is now chucking back the freebie amber fluid and shagging some Sheila with a face like a bucket of smashed crabs but who bangs like a dunny door and . . .

    What . . ?

    Oh ! – AUSTRIA !


    • Feelin’ like a failure?
      This brothel in Australia
      Will give yer booze
      And blow yer fuse
      As dirty sheilas nail yer

      As long as yew don’t chunder
      You haven’t made a blunder
      So neck that slosh
      And keep your dosh
      And have some fun down under .


  2. “The hills are alive with the sound of……”


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