Walmart Weirdo

by duncanr

there’s some funny folk about !


8 Comments to “Walmart Weirdo”

  1. Haha what a goof


  2. You’ve got to love their justice system.

    “…so, they need to go to jail”
    “They can go to jail…they will go to jail”

    No mention of , “….if convicted.”


  3. Got milk? It’s great to take your anti-psychotic meds with.


  4. Well, ah’m telling ya, boy – it’s gotta be a case of that ol’ reefer madness ! That ol’ ditchweed dang send them boys crazy ! Lookit how half the goddam country’s on it now – we’ll be going to hell in a handcart, yes, siree ! Bring back the chair, I say !


  5. apparently it all happened in Belfry


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