Brummie Wankers Wanted

by duncanr

sperm donation‘calling all hands! calling all hands!’

appears there is an over-reliance on foreign sperm donations in the UK so the National Sperm Bank which opened recently in Birmingham – selected because of the known large number of wankers in the city – is calling on Brummie men to rise to the occasion and cum to the rescue of frustrated women seeking babies –

well I’m getting on a bit – got to admit that – and the sap doesn’t . . .

rise as readily as it once did (sob, sob) but I’m ready to do my bit for a good cause

– besides, I’m due to retire soon and the £35 a shot will help very nicely to augment the measly pension the government (fucken bastards!) expect me to live on

P.S. there’s a BBC radio broadcast on the subject here –

One Comment to “Brummie Wankers Wanted”

  1. Unfortunately for donors, anonymity cannot be guaranteed.

    All Banks have Tellers !

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