Modi vs Pandey

by duncanr

yoga tanglein case anyone didn’t know, Sunday 21st June was International Yoga Day – thanks to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who has been agitating and promoting the benefits of Yoga

as part of his campaign to give it a high profile, he led a reported 35,000 folk gathered outside the presidential palace in a yoga demonstration on Sunday –

[dear god, I hope this idea doesn’t catch on in the UK – the thought of David Cameron in his boxers and . . .

a semmit leading a demonstration of keep fit exercises outside No. 10 is enough to turn one’s stomach]

really, call me a cynic – but if Modi wanted to popularise the idea of yoga, I think he would have been better to keep his specs and his shoes on and leave it to Poonam Pandey to arouse men encourage folk to take up the practice

Just saying !


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