Jewish Gay Protest by Proxy

by duncanr

orthodox jewO.K., here’s the problem –

you’re an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect

you want to show the world you’re against same-sex marriage by protesting at a Gay Pride Parade

but to do so would mean exposing members of . . .

your sect to the abominable sight of gay couples holding hands, kissing, hugging one another

oy vey, oy vey !

what to do?

what to do?

now me – I would have blindfolded the buggers, led them into position, and stuck a placard in their hand

but this orthodox sect devised a rather different solution to the problem

5 Comments to “Jewish Gay Protest by Proxy”

  1. I’ll support any sect or group who attend a Gay Pride Parade and refuse to expose their members.

    Damned right, too. What the Hell is the world coming to ?


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