The Word of God, It’s NOT !

by duncanr

let’s get something clear right from the outset, shall we?

the bible is NOT the word of GOD !

GOD did NOT write the bible

the Bible was written by MEN imagining what a God might think/say

sadly, there are some folk who think otherwise . . .

now, I could go on a rant – pointing out that . . .

marriage (the union of two people who love one another) has got bugger all to do with an O.K. from God (religion authorised marriage did not come into the equation until 800 years after christ was killed – )

instead, I suggest you read this post by blogging friend, Colleen –

I am too riled by gobshite views such as those expressed in the above video to hold my acid tongue in check

23 Comments to “The Word of God, It’s NOT !”

  1. I was most impressed with the sheer pig-headedness of this particular oversized bully. For his absolute unwillingness to open his blinkered eyes and see what was going on around him, I’d award him 10/10 on the fuckwit scale of indoctrinated stupidity.


  2. Sorry, I had to stop about 1minute 37 seconds in. I wasn’t really sure what she was on about (some kind of mindless, bigoted rant about gay couples or something).

    It was really hard to concentrate on what little there was of content because I was so stupefied by the tone. I had flashbacks to my teacher at primary school going ballistic when I accidentally dropped a tub of black ink all over the storeroom floor.

    On the other hand, she at least had an excuse for hectoring me like I was a naughty six-year-old in that I was in fact a naughty six-year-old.

    I hope this poor women gets back on her medication soon


    • I prescribe a programme of laying off the communion wine, and replacing it with a weekly pint of the milk of human kindness.

      If that sort of vitriol is what Christianity is all about, then this weekly slurping of the blood of christ can’t be much good for you.


      • You’re dead right! It’s like they run out of communion wine one week and put in meths.

        My goodness, what a performance. You either agree with her that Jesus loves you or she beats you to death with her Bible. (Oh, and he also hates all gay people, ‘cos he’s like that, Jesus.)


  3. Nothing that six inches of blue vein and muscle wouldn’t put right.


  4. Hey, Duncan – I thought you didn’t believe in GOD . . . ?


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