Labour and Tories – Two Peas in a Pod

by duncanr

angry mancorrect me if I’m wrong but the last time you ordered a pizza or a beer did they charge you less if you were under 25 yr old ?

when you do your weekly shop for groceries, do they charge you less at the till because you are under 25 yr old ?

when you put petrol in your car, does the garage charge you less because you are under 25 yr old?

do the . . .

utility companies charge you less for gas and electricity because you are under 25 yr old?

does your your landlord charge you a lower rent if you are under 25 yr old ?

I ask because the UK Prime Minister and his Chancellor have announced plans to introduce a ‘living wage’ – a minimum amount of money employers must pay their employees – but only if they are over 25 yr old

apparently, as far as the Tories are concerned, the under 25 yr olds can fuck off

and as far as the Labour Party is concerned, they can fuck off, too, as can everyone else affected by the tories ‘austerity’ measures – the current ‘stand-in’ leader of the main opposition party is recommending the party not oppose the tory proposals

what a state of affairs!

was a time the Labour Party could claim to be socialist – a fighter for and defender of the weak against the strong, poor against the rich

that no longer appears to be the case

principles have been abandoned in the pursuit of power

there is so little difference between the labour and tory party now that many labour politicians might as well join the conservative party

is it any wonder that, in Scotland – which has always voted overwhelmingly for the Labour Party – the party lost all but one of it’s seats in the last general election as a majority of Scots felt the party no longer represented their interests but had become Tory Lite or Red Tories ?

sadly, despite Mhairi Black’s appeal to the Labour Party to return to their founding principles, swallow their pride, get some backbone, and join with the SNP to provide an effective opposition to the conservative party at Westminster – I fear she’s wasting her breathe


14 Comments to “Labour and Tories – Two Peas in a Pod”

  1. All we have left is Denis Skinner!


  2. Er, and Jeremy Corbyn?


  3. We’ve been here before with this discussion, but for me the labour party ceased to exist once John Smith had the lack of foresight to die, and that Thatcherite twat Blair took control – rebranding things as New Labour and ensuring that compassionate politics was well and truly dead.


    • A sad fact of life is that the electorate are continually told that they don’t want compassionate politics, and they fall for it. The gutter press call the shots, and the sheep obligingly follow their lead.

      To this extent, Harman et al are probably right – a socialist labour party would never get elected. Why? Because Dacre, Murdoch and others simply wouldn’t allow it to happen. Look how fear of the SNP got Cameron his second term.

      Give the people their fags, booze, Match of the Day and X-factor and they’re content, but tell them that compassionate politics will bring in a flood of immigrants, dole scroungers and single mothers on benefits and they’re not. Simple, innit.


    • Dead right. Er, dead left . . .


  4. Dead fucking wrong as well. Not to mention labour being dead in the water if they can’t represent themselves as being vaguely electable.


  5. Scots have become the bogey men (and women) as far as many English are concerned

    in the run up to the General election several folk at work told me they were unsure how to vote – they’d always voted labour in the past but were uncertain now because they didn’t want the SNP to be deciding things

    in other words, they had fallen for the Tory propaganda that a vote for Labour would see the SNP yield power over their lives

    my answer to them was to vote for the party they felt best represented their interests – but don’t come wingeing to me later if they voted conservative and then were unhappy with the policies the tories introduced

    so there’s part of me thinks ‘sod you !

    You voted the bastards in (despite my warnings) – now live with the consequences! “


    • Which is why I voted as I always have done, for Labour. They may not represent my views, but they’re a damn sight closer than the tories. The sad thing is that the Lib Dems are probably closer to what I’m looking for, but were such a no-hope wasted vote where I live that a non-labour vote was as good as voting UKIP. Even sadder is he fact that Labour probably fall into the same camp nationally as the Lib Dems, and are equally unelectable.


  6. Not for me – I wanted to vote SNP!


  7. Letting the tories have their heartless’ desires might actually be the best policy. Look at what happened to the Canadian Right after they had a completely free reign for a single term in office – the subsequent landslide against left them with only 2 seats wasn’t it?
    As I see it, the tories actually rely on opposition from left wing parties to maintain the status quo. Ye typical tory polly is a close relative of ye old internet troll – safely ensconced within a personal consequence-insulated reality inversion from which (s)he spews forth a constant stream of hate-inspired lies and distortions in the certainty that he will never be called on to account personally for whatever (s)he says.
    For ye tory polly, ye left wing fulfills two useful functions – firstly, ye opposition can always be relied on to provide a useful set of objections and amendments which can be “grudgingly” agreed to, thus ensuring that the full force of their rabid policies never becomes obvious to the idiots voters; and secondly, ye opposition can always be blamed for “watering down” their economic medicine, such that it didn’t work and hence even more such medicine must be prescribed.
    Now if ye opposition parties can maintain this course and oppose all legislation in word but not in deed, the tories might end up reaping the full benefit of what they sow.
    Canada forever…


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