NASA Finds Earth’s Cousin

by duncanr

_84449889_84449888NASA has announced the existence of an ‘earth-like’ planet a mere 1400 light years away –

while a lot of folk are naturally excited about this news and the implications – [fuck climate change, we’ve got a spare planet now] – others may not be as enthusiastic about the prospect of humans moving to another planet – click here

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7 Comments to “NASA Finds Earth’s Cousin”

  1. Perhaps we could send out some Earthlings as ambassadors to smooth things over with the aliens. I nominate an international mission made up of David Cameron (UK), Stephen Harper (CAN), Tony Abbot (AUS), John Key (NZ) and Donald Trump (LooLoo Land).

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  2. That tame ferret that lives on Trump’s head will have eaten them all by the time the spaceship gets there. Mind you, Tony Abbot is pretty unpalatable however hungry you are.


  3. As mankind fucks his precious home
    We’re headed for the Thunderdome
    Pollution, warming, dying species
    Everything will turn to faeces
    Hydrocarbons from our cars
    Is there life on Mars?

    Children dying every day
    Close to home and far away
    Lack of water, lack of food
    – As wealthy nations drill for crude –
    Falling from ebola, sars
    Is there life on Mars?

    The corporations buy the world
    And nations face-off, flags unfurled
    Astronomers gaze into space
    Looking for a likely place
    Their lack of focus jars
    Is there life on Mars?

    While politicians pat their pockets
    Even NASA’s latest rockets
    Never could hope to achieve
    The speed required for man to leave
    And make it to those distant stars
    Is there life on Mars?

    Lack of will and lack of power
    Lack of view from ivory tower
    Sacrifice the sacred cow
    Bring in Global Justice Now
    Sing the song, to loud guitars
    Is there life on Mars?


  4. Global Justice Now, formerly the World Development Movement:


  5. Once again, mate, my flabber is well and truly gasted at your poetry.

    You’re a bloody clever sod, you are.

    [ psst . . . make sure the tenner’s in the post, as discussed.]


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