Stating the Bloomin’ Obvious

by duncanr

skipthere’s no flies on these welsh coppers

sharp as a tack, they are

when reports reached them that a skip weighing 8 tonne had been nicked from a property in Wrexham, they deduced – with impressive speed – that . . .

the thieves would have needed a vehicle to remove the skip” (

Sherlock would have been proud of their reasoning !

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2 Comments to “Stating the Bloomin’ Obvious”

  1. LOL! Very sharp, indeed.


  2. In further developments today, a green skip has been located near Oldham in far north Wales, but it doesn’t match the missing item as the word “Thorncliffe” on the side has been crossed out. A newspaper reporter is now helping police with their enquiries, as he appears to have had intimate knowledge of the case. For example, how did he know it was thieves had stolen the skip, as reported in his article.


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