Police tell Piper to Pipe Down

by duncanr

piperpolice in Fort Bend, Texas attended a school following complaints from music critics about a man playing bagpipes from the roof of the building at 8 o’clock in the morning

gunshots were also reported

[in an unusual occurrence, the bullets were not aimed at the piper]

to the relief of the unwilling listeners, the piper – and a companion – were arrested and the drone of the pipes replaced by the Sound of Silence – http://tinyurl.com/otvy4bd

One Comment to “Police tell Piper to Pipe Down”

  1. Possibly pickled, pistol-packing pipers peppering pupils, were on what Peter Policeman picked.

    If Peter Policeman pecked a pickled piper peppering pupils, then so be it.

    Where now’s the pack of pistol-packing pipers that Peter Policeman nicked ?

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