Call Me a Cynic but . . .

by duncanr

victorexcuse me if I view this story with a certain amount of skepticism

a young French woman, meets a guy in an Australian pub

they have a one-night stand

she flies home to France the next day

a few months later, she finds she is pregnant

unfortunately, she . . .

lost her phone (and with it, the guys phone number)and so has no way to contact him to tell him the ‘good’ news – so she is using social media to try and find him –

sound familiar?

it should do

substitute a young French woman for a young Danish woman, who also met a handsome stranger in a bar, had sex, later found she was pregnant and tried to find the guy to give him the good news and you would excused for a feeling of deja vu

only, in the 2009 version of this story, the Danish girl was an actress and the story was part of an advertising campaign –

so excuse me if I take this story of a French woman, pregnant after a one-night stand, trying find the father of her unborn child, with a great big pinch of salt !

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