Wankers Wanted

by duncanr

kitchenerwell, well – who would have thought it

seems there is a shortage of wankers in the UK

a year after the UK National Sperm Bank was set up in Birmingham, only 9 men are on its books as registered donors – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-34113080

folk often ask how I’m going to occupy my time after I’ve retired next year

£35 a ‘shot’, the Sperm Bank just down the road from me – it’s tempting 😆

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10 Comments to “Wankers Wanted”

  1. They need more men to come forward.


  2. When I was a spotty young kid of about thirteen, just becoming aware of girls, I went to see a Bond film called “Dr. No.”

    During the film, Ursula Andress walked out of the sea wearing a wet bikini.

    That scene alone, at todays rates, must have cost me around 175 quid !


  3. Being serious for a moment, and this is purely my take on the subject, I could never be a sperm donor.

    Knowing that I had fathered a child and knowing nothing of that (my) child, would tear me apart.

    Not knowing if it was a boy or a girl, or what he or she looked like. Not knowing how they were being brought up, if they were happy or unhappy. Not being there for them to wipe away their tears with a kiss and a cuddle. Not being able to help guide them through their confusing adolescent years and finally, being unable to see them reach adulthood.

    I would be very interested to hear what other readers’ have to say.


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